Partnering with Communities

Venus is keen to build on its Cypriot heritage and recognises that community concerns can exist around mining developments.

Venus has assembled an experienced management team that has international experience in delivering successful, safe mining developments that have resulted in, and continue to bring, significant employment and financial benefits to local communities.

Venus employs modern mining practices which ensure the safest conditions of work for all employees and local communities.

Beyond this, Venus delivers a range of other benefits to the local community, such as education, environmental management, engineering and trade, transferable skills and infrastructure.

Responsible Exploration & Development

Competing in a global market through stand-out productivity performance requires meeting or exceeding the EU’s strict environmental & safety standards. Venus believes that all stakeholders stand to benefit from state-of-the-art exploration, mining and processing methods engineered to minimise impact and maximise resource efficiency, many developed since mining in Cyprus slowed down from 1974.

Venus recognises the importance of the Geoparks project to preserving Cyprus’s unique landscape, biodiversity and heritage, and is also investigating ways to turn environmental legacies into positive opportunities by tapping into European funding, knowledge and innovation.