Cyprus has produced ~ 80 million tonnes of copper ore and 5 tonnes of gold bullion

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean with a long mining history dating back 3,900 years. The word ‘cupros’ (copper) is derived from the ancient word meaning ‘metal of Cyprus’. Numerous copper and gold orebodies were discovered and mined in the 20th Century up until the events of 1974.

Since 1974 there has been limited exploration, and the area is now a prime location for the application of modern-day techniques that have since been developed.

The Island has well developed mining law, is a member of the EU, and has considerable infrastructure including roads, ports and international airports.

Venus Minerals has amassed an unparalleled geoscience database over the entire island, enabling us to select and target areas with the greatest prospectivity, many of which are now compiled into the Company’s portfolio of projects.