Venus Minerals Limited

Venus Minerals Ltd is a Cyprus-based exploration Company seeking to develop Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) copper–gold deposits in the ophiolite terranes of south-eastern Europe, principally the Troodos Ophiolite of Cyprus.

Venus has been active in Cyprus for more than 15 years. During this time, we have selected what we consider to be the standout exploration licenses in Cyprus, ranging from brownfields properties hosting JORC 2012 Resources at Kokkinoyia, Klirou and New Sha, to grass roots projects displaying the hallmarks of highly prospective VMS deposits.

We have assembled an unparalleled proprietary database across the entire island, comprising thousands of drill holes, thousands of soil samples, detailed geological maps from regional to prospect scale, and a comprehensive range of geophysical datasets, all of which would cost in excess of €100m if replicated today.

Venus is proud of its roots in Cyprus, working closely with local contractors, tradespeople and labourers from nearby communities. We have forged relationships with local industry partners, and our on-ground activities are steered by Dr Nicos Adamides, a world-renowned Cypriot geologist and VMS expert who honed his skills on the Island’s rocks during a career spanning almost 50 years.

Venus has amalgamated this local expertise with an international management team that brings mining and exploration experience from endeavours around the world. Collectively we look forward to working with all stake holders on a voyage of discovery and development that can deliver lasting benefits to all.


The Opportunity

Cyprus offers a unique opportunity in Europe for the discovery of significant copper and gold. The opportunity lies in undiscovered buried deposits PLUS there are significant brownfields VMS opportunities. Discovery of gold in our copper deposits adds significant value to our prospects at a time when the combined copper and gold price has strengthened materially.

Copper Ore
Gold Bullion
Surface-exposed high grade deposits
Copper mines with av. grades of 2% Copper

Structured to Deliver



Highly experienced management team including internationally renowned Cyprus specialists



$100m geological database and a portfolio of unequalled exploration licences in Cyprus



Passionate about contributing to Cypriot geoscience, mining industry development, communities and the environment