Recent discoveries of copper in soils highlight exciting potential

The Mariner Project is located in one of the few lowland areas away from the Troodos mountains where the limestone cover has been eroded to reveal the ancient-ocean basalts beneath. Venus has recently acquired two licences near Avdellero and Troulli which make up the Mariner Project. The unusual setting means that the project has seen very little historical exploration.

Project Highlights

2,000 XRF soil sample analysis

>10km2 mapped

Agena prospect >0.1% Cu from multiple soil samples

Venus has analysed more than 2,000 soil samples and mapped more than 10km2, identifying several encouraging copper–zinc anomalies in the process. The Agena prospect has multiple soil samples richer than 0.1% Cu associated with a broad zone of strong alteration and gossan development and is a highly significant discovery.

To the southwest, the mapping and geochemistry have confirmed mineralised structures and associated copper–zinc soil anomalies extending along several kilometres strike, in what appears to be another significant discovery at the Centaur prospect.

These early indications are very encouraging, and follow-up work is planned to better define the geological setting and nature of the copper–zinc mineralisation.